Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday 10/31 Halloween

It was about 4:PM when I suddenly had the urge to paint my face. I had no ideal what form it would take and it ended up with something completely different from what I usually do.
I picked up my friend Ellen and we drove through the Castro; it's not like it used to be when they would close off the streets. We then went to the Park Chalet and had a nice time talking over drinks and good food. Later we came back to my place and met up with Patricia and watched reruns of Family Guy. It was good to be with Ellen again.

Saturday 10/24 afternoon a walk on the beach

This is one of our storm drainage outlets. SF had a couple of big storms within a week of each other with a combined rain fall of 3.5 inches.
You can also see pictured some of our local taggers at work.

Saturday 10/24 afternoon a walk on the beach

Ocean Beach condos as seen from the Pacific Ocean water's edge. My condo is on the extreme left but not visible from this angle.

Saturday 10/24 NY Met Broadcast

We went to the Empire Theater in the West Portal district so see the New York Metropolitan HD Silmulcast of Aida. Since it is a simulcast the show starts at 10AM. Many opera fans are starting to realize what a wonderful opportunity this is to see close up a world renown opera company.

If you are interested to find a local theatre near you that will be simulcasting the NY Met in HD go to

Saturday 10/17 Russian River

Lamplighter friends went to a private camp for an overnighter. Each of us brought a dish to share and we had a delightful dinner. It was very rustic and sleeping reminded me of summer camp as a kid.

This is the kind of place that I'd like to go on a rainy weekend to read a book and walk in the elements.