Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday 10/31 Halloween

It was about 4:PM when I suddenly had the urge to paint my face. I had no ideal what form it would take and it ended up with something completely different from what I usually do.
I picked up my friend Ellen and we drove through the Castro; it's not like it used to be when they would close off the streets. We then went to the Park Chalet and had a nice time talking over drinks and good food. Later we came back to my place and met up with Patricia and watched reruns of Family Guy. It was good to be with Ellen again.

Saturday 10/24 afternoon a walk on the beach

This is one of our storm drainage outlets. SF had a couple of big storms within a week of each other with a combined rain fall of 3.5 inches.
You can also see pictured some of our local taggers at work.

Saturday 10/24 afternoon a walk on the beach

Ocean Beach condos as seen from the Pacific Ocean water's edge. My condo is on the extreme left but not visible from this angle.

Saturday 10/24 NY Met Broadcast

We went to the Empire Theater in the West Portal district so see the New York Metropolitan HD Silmulcast of Aida. Since it is a simulcast the show starts at 10AM. Many opera fans are starting to realize what a wonderful opportunity this is to see close up a world renown opera company.

If you are interested to find a local theatre near you that will be simulcasting the NY Met in HD go to

Saturday 10/17 Russian River

Lamplighter friends went to a private camp for an overnighter. Each of us brought a dish to share and we had a delightful dinner. It was very rustic and sleeping reminded me of summer camp as a kid.

This is the kind of place that I'd like to go on a rainy weekend to read a book and walk in the elements.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday 10/11 A cool foggy day in GG Park

Sunday 10/11 A cool foggy day in GG Park

.Here are some more of the lakes in the part and the casting pools

Saturday 10/3 Jim M Birthday party

More birthday party people.

Saturday 10/3 Jim M Birthday party

John Z and I attended the 50 birthday party for fellow Lamplighter Jim M. He is here pictured with his wife Judy. I always thought she resembled my sister Mary June.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday 10/2

Thursday 10/1 was the second anniversary of Dario's passing and we celebrated him today. John Z came over on Friday afternoon and we walked to the Park Chalet, sat in the sun, and tossed a few. It was a nice warm day at OB about 68f. After a light lunch, the restaurant GM bought us a round of drinks on the house. She knew Dario and somehow intuitively knew we were celebrating him. It was very sweet of her to do that. In the evening cousin Paul came over and we took our wine to the condo roof for more toasting. I played with my zoom lens again and discovered that it is only good for close up pictures and not distance shots. In the two bottom pictures you can see our ever present Tsunami warning system rearing its head so majestically. On the bottom picture you can see a row of porta-potties that were set up in the afternoon to be used the next day for the sand castle contest. This is an annual event for several of the elemental schools. The kids help by fetching pails of water and the actual design, construction, and sculpting is done by the sponsors (architectural, engineering, and construction). The sunset was beautiful today. Dario loved the sunsets at Ocean Beach.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday 9/27 Afternoon walk in Golden Gate Park

Sunday 9/27 Afternoon walk in Golden Gate Park

I was a warm hazy Sunday at Ocean Beach and a walk into the park seemed appropriate. The critters were ever present and I couldn't resist the photo opps.
There seemed to be a lot of Monarchs fluttering about. I still don't have the zoom technique down as this one is a bit blurry.
The same with this Red-Shouldered Hawk. But when you double click you can still see that blue piercing eye which was following my every move.
The Great Blue Heron is a frequent visitor to the Park lakes. This one lives in the tree tops of the tall surrounding trees. They tell me that there are three famlies of these that live in the Park which is about all that the food chain will support.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday 9/20

We're at the beginnings of a heat wave that will start early this evening and last through the rest of the week. The temperature could reach 85 at the Ocean which is a rarity. Right now it is still a cool 65f because of the fog. Pictured here are more Golden Gate Park Lakes.

Sunday 9/20

I decided to go for an early walk in the park. These are a few of the lakes and ponds in Golden Gate Park within 10 to 15 minutes walk from my condo.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday 9/18

It was 72f at Ocean Beach today. Pictured here is the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge with Angle Island in the background.
By double clicking the picture to enlarge it, you will get a clearer view of the arched support structure under the bridge. Behind that area is where a scene from Hitchcock's Vertigo was filmed. This is where the Kim Novak character jumped into the water and the Jimmy Stewart character saved her.
The air was a bit murky because of a small grass fire in the Marin Headlands just to the left. It was extinguished. As you can see, warm weather brings out the pleasure crafts.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday 9/11 Sea Ranch/The Departure

We were on the road by 9:ooAM. It was a very laid back and restful vacation.

This frog outside the front door sums it up quite nicely.

Thursday 9/10 Seventh Day at Sea Ranch/The Sunset

We had a nice dinner at the Top Of The Cliff in Gualala. This picture was taken from the restaurant window.

I love the palm tree silhouetted against the sunset. I's so out of place and I think the only one I have ever seen in the area.

Thursday 9/10 Seventh Day at Sea Ranch

Breakfast was again at the local coffee shop so we could use the internet. I spent most of the morning re-booting and trying to log on to my blog. I finally gave up and decided that I would have to update the last two days when I got home.
This is a picture in back of the coffee house of some more driftwood art.

Thursday 9/10 Seventh Day at Sea Ranch

I was concentrating so much on the fox that I didn't see a deer approaching from the right. He seemed very curious and approached the little critter in that manner. The deer was not aggressive but almost in a playful mood. The fox was not afraid and looked at the deer as if to say "don't bother me, I'm hunting for my breakfast" and then he slinked away.
You will have to use your zoom to enlarge the picture. To the right of the deer you can see the fox leaving.
Now I feel complete. It took a week but I got that fickle fox on my camera. The deer was an added bonus. Looking back I should have used my zoom lens...but in the heat of the moment any picture was OK with me.

Thursday 9/10 Seventh Day at Sea Ranch

It is 6:45AM Thursday and at last that little fox has allowed me to get a picture. You will have to use the zoom to see that he is in the middle to the right of some small shrubs. The best is yet to come.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday 9/9 Sixth Day at Sea Ranch/The Sunset

Another beautiful sunset to end the day.

Wednesday 9/9 Sixth Day at Sea Ranch

More pictures along the coastal trail. This is looking South towards Shell Beach and Driftwood Beach

Wednesday 9/9 Sixth Day at Sea Ranch

More pictures from the coastal trail.

Wednesday 9/9 Sixth Day at Sea Ranch

We went to The Sea Ranch Lodge for breakfast and to see if the internet connection was any better than the coffee shop...about the same. I spent the afternoon walking north on the coastal trail and took some more pictures. Above is another hedge row and the other picture is me trying out my soom lens.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday 9/8 Fifth Day at Sea Ranch/More evidence of the vampires and The Sunset

Before retiring for the evening, we went to the local cemetery as we had heard more rumors about the visitors from True Blood. Here is confirmation that Bill and Eric (and another) had spent the previous day in coffins to avoid the sun.

Sunsets are a confirmation that we lived through another glorious day at Sea Ranch. The night however was to be avoided.

Tuesday 9/8 Fifth Day at Sea Ranch/The Desecration

We had heard rumors that some vampires had been seen in the vicinity last night. No doubt Bill and Eric from True Blood. Much to our horror, we found proof of this; inside the Chapel we found this poor sole. Such desecration!!! The police said that this was a random fang crime and the victim was at the wrong place at the wrong time....or right time....depending how you view this sort of thing.

Tuesday 9/8 Fifth Day at Sea Ranch/The afternoon

After visiting the Annapolis Winery for some vino tasting, we stopped at the Sea Ranch Chapel pictured here.

Tuesday 9/8 Fifth Day at Sea Ranch/The morning walk.

Walking back to the house, I stopped by the area where I had last seen Monday's fox. This is the little den where he disappeared.

Tuesday 9/8 Fifth Day at Sea Ranch/The morning walk.

Some volcanic rock and strata at Driftwood Beach. There's a geological story here.

Tuesday 9/8 Fifth Day at Sea Ranch/The morning walk.

The tide was out so I could get some pictures of the tidal pools. I looked for some sea creatures and urchins but to no avail.