Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday 9/18

It was 72f at Ocean Beach today. Pictured here is the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge with Angle Island in the background.
By double clicking the picture to enlarge it, you will get a clearer view of the arched support structure under the bridge. Behind that area is where a scene from Hitchcock's Vertigo was filmed. This is where the Kim Novak character jumped into the water and the Jimmy Stewart character saved her.
The air was a bit murky because of a small grass fire in the Marin Headlands just to the left. It was extinguished. As you can see, warm weather brings out the pleasure crafts.


  1. I always loved that scene because it looks like this big suicide attempt, and she really only fell about 3 feet! One of the things that upsets me about 9/11 is that you can no longer walk around the fort to stand in that spot.

  2. So the Krog has gotten back to routine since his last vacation...good to see the, how are you...izzy and i are fine...give us a call, if there is time in your schedule...we'd like to get caught up on all the terrific things you have been you lots, j and i