Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday 10/2

Thursday 10/1 was the second anniversary of Dario's passing and we celebrated him today. John Z came over on Friday afternoon and we walked to the Park Chalet, sat in the sun, and tossed a few. It was a nice warm day at OB about 68f. After a light lunch, the restaurant GM bought us a round of drinks on the house. She knew Dario and somehow intuitively knew we were celebrating him. It was very sweet of her to do that. In the evening cousin Paul came over and we took our wine to the condo roof for more toasting. I played with my zoom lens again and discovered that it is only good for close up pictures and not distance shots. In the two bottom pictures you can see our ever present Tsunami warning system rearing its head so majestically. On the bottom picture you can see a row of porta-potties that were set up in the afternoon to be used the next day for the sand castle contest. This is an annual event for several of the elemental schools. The kids help by fetching pails of water and the actual design, construction, and sculpting is done by the sponsors (architectural, engineering, and construction). The sunset was beautiful today. Dario loved the sunsets at Ocean Beach.

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