Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday night in Napa 8/8

The Saturday night performance was a musical success. All the leads were very strong musicians. I am pictured here with my dear friend Shelley Johnson who played the part of Mrs Higgins (a non singing role). She had a "Grand Dame" of the Engligh Theater approach to her character and it really worked.
The outstanding performace of the evening went to Sharon Rietkerk who played Eliza Doolittle. Her musical ability plus her acting talents combined to have the Napa audience standing on their feet. I will look forward to seeing this show again when it comes to San Francisco. This will be a full blown production with all the sets.
Guest star Geoff Hoyle was also outstanding with his comic/clown approach to Alfie Doolittle. But in my mind there will never be another Alfie Doolittle like Norman Hall's. Norman did the role in 1992 and reprised it in 1996. He is simply the best!

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