Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday 8/16

Just as the sun was setting, I ran to the roof in time to capture it's passing. The end to another perfect weekend.

On Saturday 8/15, I went with friends John Z and Patricia E to the matinee of My Fair Lady at the Yerba Buena Theater in downtown San Francisco. As I mentioned in last week's blog, this was the flow blown production I wanted to see (with sets and full staging).

It was clear that this baby would not peak until next week..probably the Saturday night performance (8/22). That is a problem that plagues huge shows like this when it is presented it 3 different venues over a short period. By the time you adjust to the peculiarities and confines of one space, you have to pack up and move to the next. And that's what happened with the matinee we saw; there were doors that didn't open, which is always frustrating to the actor who suddenly has to be creative while remaining in character; backdrops were catching on the scenery; proscenium valances would suddenly unfurl in a flurry of dust...most distracting. But those glicheses are delt with and usually corrected in time for the next show. But just when you start to get comfortable with your surroundings, the show closes. I am reminded how blessed we (Lamplighters) have been in the past when we were performing in our own theater. The peaking curve was much shorter back then and when it happened, that was when you started to have fun with the show. It was at that time when friendships were solidified, and bonding was forever.

I had great fun watching my friend Jim Campbell, the show's Production Manager, who was sitting in the balcony. He reacted to each of the technical mishaps by smacking his forhead, sinking into his chair, and hiding his head in his hands. His performance should have been captured on film and worthy of an award.

But it was still a glorious show filled with enduring music, wonderful singing, wonderful talented actors, and creative staging by Barbara Herioux. I really enjoyed myself despite the technical stuff. Besides, it was John's birthday and after the show we gathered at our friend Blazen's home for a lovely dinner, stimulating conversation, and great wine. A loving way to end the evening.

On Sunday evening we all gathered at my place to watch True Blood, the HBO series that has reached cult status. Now that's entertainment!!! Sorry, Jerry and Denise, it is just simply the greatest!

To bed, to bed; perchance to dream.

Roger signing off.

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  1. Well, based on your review, I'm glad our tickets are for Saturday evening, then! Should be fabulous by that time.

    As for True Blood...I agree completely!