Monday, July 27, 2009

Day five in Switzerland/the final concert

Another view of Rougemont Church. The concert was by Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Violine, and Mihaela Ursuleasa, Piano. I knew that I would like them when they first took the shoes...they were bare foot! They are truly entertainers in the total sense of the word...they are performers times bordering insanity...the energy that they brought to the church I'm sure was the reason for the thunder and lightening storm which started at the onset of their playing and continues even now but less intense. They both are Romanian from Gypsie fact Patricia's mother is a Gypsie violinist and her father plays the Gypsie cymbals...not quite sure what that is. But you can see how the fiery gene in their blood has enhansed their performance...that together with their musical ability make for a first rate show.

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  1. Hello and good evening...5:45pm here...we have been on the go since 10am...still projects to the new place...finally found my wok and a couple places that have asian cooking needs...we are so happy to read your blogs each day and enjoyed the great pictures...did you find a monte blanc anywhere in didn't say what you bought...can't imagine the K. not spending a little to pick up something he can use around the condo to make ocean beach even is the coffee there; does it at all compare to peete's?..even if it is not as good, the view must more than make up for, you head to zurich tomorrow/tonight???i will check your schedule...can't wait to hear about that city, how people dress, what fashion in general is like, boutiques, top designers' sure..."wish i was there"...what a shopping-time that would be...just turn me loose...when issy and i finally get this all worked out, we want to be in europe and you will always be a welcome travel to your next destination...and tons of experiences...lots of love from gdl...Issy and Jennings