Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day four in Switzerland/get ye to the mountain

Little did I know what a treat was instore for me when I took the gondola up to the Wispile peak. The car can carry up to 4 people so if you are by yourself, and just like in skiing, you get on with other singles or couples. I got on with a husband/wife couple and introduced myself as being from San Francisco and that I was in Gstaad attending the Menuhin Music Festival. Get this, the man's eyes got really big and he said "thank you for attanding the festival" and introduced himself as Leonz Blunschi, president of the Festival (well, spank me with a wet noodle!). He and his wife were riding up to the Wispile Peak for a free noon concert by the Menuhin School London (pictured here)...the same group that will be performing at tonights concert. And, to think I almost didn't make the trip. I walked about 5 miles to get to the gondola base and was just not feeling 100% up to it. But, I just kept saying "trust yourself" there's a reason to go here and kept pushing. Well, what can I say, it was just "too much happiness" and I was thrilled, so say the least. The concert was about 1 hour long and I will look forward to seeing everyone I met here at tonight's event.

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