Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day three in Switzerland/third concert

I had dinner at this outside cafe before tonights concert at the Saanen Chapel. That is a horse drawn wedding cart pictured in the street and it is empty... must be a story there.
The concert was a tribute to Menuhin's Music featuring the Camerata Salzburg, Gregory Ahss, concertmaster, and guest artist Daniel Hope. You can check out the program at click on 2009 schedule and go to 7/25 concert.
I had a chance meeting at the concert with a fellow San Franciscan. At intermission this elderly gentleman sitting next to me said something in German and I said "I only speak English". He asked where I was from and I said San Francisco. He said that his home was in Saint Francis Wood and asked what part of the City did I live and I replied on the Great Highway at Ocean Beach just below the Cliff House. Well to make a long story short, he had been making yearly trips to this area for severl years at Christmas time and five years ago he developed high blood pressure and later was diagnosed with bone cancer. The doctor has not let him travel since his diagnosis so he is "stuck" here as he put it. Almost too much information for me here but we had a good time talking about the concerts. He kept making jokes about "Arnonld" and said he has had lunch with him many least that is what I think he said as his speech was sometimes slurred (probably due to his meds) and he talked with an accent. We said our good byes and I never did find out much more about him than what I have related here.
I walked home from the concert instead of taking the hotel shuttle. The sky was clear and the path was only lit by the bright stars. It was actually quite thrilling to be doing the Swiss Alps...with no fear. Except for the giant Snow Lizards but they are only on the prowl during the Winter.
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