Friday, July 24, 2009

Day two in Switzerland

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I'm off to explore downtown Gstaad. I got a good 8 hours sleep last night and feeling very refreshed. The continental breakfast at the hotel (complementary) was much more than just coffee and a sweet roll. It was a champagne buffet breakfast the same as you would find at any nice hotel in the US on a Sunday bruch menu. Excellent!


  1. Hello krog, it's 12;24pm there, and you are out soaking up the moment...issy still sleeping...i will be heading back to bed soon...we are going to a tourist town on the edge of gdl called tonola...just spending breakfast and a few hours looking at things that might be accessories for the new apartment...while you are out, give the camera to a local and let them snap a few of you in your surroundings...what are you drinking to fill the void without your beloved peete's coffee...the pastries there must be killers...and all that great local food...issy and i love outside cafes with wow views and lots of local color...enjoy the moments and keep us are a kick...more, more, J and I

  2. I'm lovin' the beautiful. Mom and Dad both say Switzerland is their favorite country when visiting Europe. Raymond is here for a few days. Mom is doing MUCH better..eating and asking to go home!! Doc's arevery optimistic she will win this battle! I agree with JJOHL...have pictures taken of you and your surroundings. Love you...have fun! Oh - when does the concerts, etc. begin? This weekend??