Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still Day 1

I was so tired after the last blog, so I took a little nap...3 hours. I was awakend with a thunder clap and wind blowing the door curtains like in a Hitchcock movie. I had the door to my balcony open as it was very humid and about 76f. After the thunder ,came some torrential hail and rain. It lasted about 2 minutes and then the sun came out and the green valley was visible again. It is now 7:PM and we just had another rain. Again, 2 minues and it was gone. I must download my pictures so you can see what my eye see.

Just befoe the last rain, I had just come back from a light dinner in the hotel restaurant. I asked for a glass of red wine and the waiter said he had a California Cab. from the Napa Valley and I said Nah..I drink California wine at home and have been to the Napa Valley many times "I think I would like to try some of your Swiss wine." I looked around the bar area to see if anybody had been impressed with my volley of "Califorfnia wine speak". I was the only one there....but I did impress myself! I asked to see the bottle of the Calif. Cab. I took one look at the lable and exclaimed "the is not Napa Valley wine this is from Manteca, for god's sake". "Don't ever get those two mixed up again" I said to him. "Don't you know that in Spanish Manteca translates as Lard?" HELLO! I really didn't say it that way but I did politely tell him that the Manteca Valley was about 100 miles south of the Napa Valley... two entirely different climates.

I had a light dinner of fresh leafy greens & vegetable salad with a delicious walnut dressing, and a bowl of vegetable broth with local sausage (superbo!). I was full.

I may just go for a walk and then have a nightcap at the bar. But I must try to download those pictures again.

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  1. well, krog...maybe i have some of this figured out...hopefully someone at the desk gave you the message that i called. earlier, i typed a message of some length, but-it wouldn't go through...i did some additional research and maybe this one will be successful...did you mean to put "am" on your are 7 hours ahead of gdl's 4:25am where you are...i will send you moda info tomorrow and tell you about the teacher who helped herself to some of issy's mexico fashion week contest concepts...and more...but, most, we are glad you are there safely and enjoying...i do not know how i will ever handle that long trip to europe when finally we travel...sleeping pills is the only way...hope your seat and space ws generous on the plane...we love you and will look to talk to you...just tell me when is a good time to call, and we will get hold of you at the hotel...your time....XXXXXOOOOOO...J and I