Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day four in Switzerland/fourth concert

My fourth concert was in Zweisimmen about 20 minutes over the hill from the hotel. Sort of NW as if you were heading back to Zurich. This church was built in 1898 and has recently been restored. It is known for its beautiful grave yards...all made to look like flower gardens...quite appropriate. Pictures to come later.
As I mentioned earlier, this is the same group that I had heard in a noon concert at Wispile Peak. And, they certainly did not disappoint me (you can log on to to see the program. Just a note on Bartok's Divertimento For Strings (the fouth piece played); in August of 1939 Menuhin invited Bartok to Switzerland and commissioned him to write a concerto for strings. As the story goes, Bartok composed this great work right here just above the Saanen Chapel while in swim trunks and reclining next to Menuhin's swimming pool. 70 years later and they are bringing it back to where it was born. I felt very priviledged to be here on this historic occasion.

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