Monday, July 27, 2009

Day five in Switzerland/the final concert

Inside the church at Rougemont. The couple from Montreux (Michael & Yvonne Boehler) told me that the churches in Switzerland (only Catholic and Protestant) are all government supported. The citizens pay taxes to the Swiss Government and, in turn, the government supports the churches. I quite forgot about that part of my World History classes.
What a separation of Church and State! Maybe the US should try it..I don't think it would be a problem....NOT!
If you do not want to belong to the Church, you can reduce your taxes by petitioning the Government. But, however, as Michael said, when you die it is difficult to find a cemetray that will take you as they are all owned by the Swiss Gov. So it's best, he says, to pay the church tax and not worry anything as the Gov will pay for all your funeral and burial espenses.

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