Friday, July 24, 2009

Day three in Switzerland

Yes, indeed a chilly morning. Despite the good sleeping weather, I only had 3 hours of shut eye last night. There is a 10:30AM concert in the Gstaad Chapel and I'm thinking it will be nappy time after that.
There is much excitement in Gstaad today as it is the first day of the Swiss Open Tennis Matches. The hotel is alive with many people who came in for the weekend just for that. The little air strip (just at the church steeple) was very busy yesterday. It's thrilling to watch them land and take off.....great effort is made to miss the trees and mountains, I'm sure. Yesterday, I watched a glider hover at this end of the strip just like a hawk. It made 3 circles lowering in altitude like a cork screw. At circle 3 the glider was in position to land and did so very smoothly. The small jets are best to watch. They gain altitude quickly, bank to the left, and they're gone.
I will post after the morning concert.

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